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Elevate Your Sales with Shopsy’s Easy and Effective Sponsored Product Listing Ads!

14th June 2024 | 10 mins read

Shopsy Ads significantly increase product visibility and reach, driving more qualified traffic to your listings. This leads to improved conversion rates and sales, enhancing your brand’s presence on Shopsy. With the ability to target specific audiences, you can promote relevant products effectively. Additionally, you gain valuable customer insights through campaign data, helping refine your marketing strategies.

Understanding Shopsy Ads

Shopsy ads offers two main campaign types: Cost-per-click (CPC) and Smart return-on-investment (ROI) campaigns. These ads appear in various locations, such as Search, Browse, Homepage, and Product Pages etc for maximising exposure.

 Campaign Types

  • Cost per Click (CPC) Campaign

    The CPC campaign charges you only when a user clicks on your ad, ensuring you pay for direct engagement.

  • Smart Return on Investment (ROI) Campaign

    The Smart ROI campaign optimises your budget to achieve the best possible return on investment, balancing cost and results.

Where Ads Appear

Screenshot of the Shopsy app & website displaying the designated area to insert the sponsored product listing advertisement.

  1. Search & Browse
    Ads in Search & Browse appear when users are actively looking for products, increasing chances of conversion.
  2. Homepage
    Homepage ads capture users’ attention immediately upon their visit, boosting brand visibility.
  3. Product Page
    Product Page ads target users already interested in similar products, enhancing the likelihood of purchase.

Setting Up Your Shopsy Ads Campaign

Access the Advertising Tab to start your campaign. Create a campaign by selecting products, setting budget & bids, and choosing placements. Review all settings and launch your campaign.

  1. Accessing the Advertising Tab & create campaign

    Log into your Shopsy account and navigate to the Advertising Tab to begin.

  2. Selecting Products
    Choose the products you want to promote based on your marketing goals.
  3. Setting Budget & Bids
    Set a budget that aligns with your advertising objectives and determine your bids for each click or impression.

    • Choosing Placements
      Select where you want your ads to appear for maximum impact.
    • Reviewing & Launching
      Review your campaign settings and launch it to start driving traffic.

Select the Right Products for Advertising

Choose products that align with your marketing goals and have high potential for conversion.

  1. Product Image Quality & Compliance
    Use high-quality images that meet Shopsy’s standards to attract buyers.
  2. Competitive Pricing
    Ensure your products are competitively priced to appeal to budget-conscious customers.
  3. Positive Customer Reviews
    Highlight products with solid customer reviews to build trust and credibility.
  4. Sufficient Inventory Levels
    Maintain adequate inventory to meet demand and avoid running out of stock.

    Shopsy Ads offer powerful tools to boost your business, from increasing visibility to improving sales. Start using Shopsy Ads today to take advantage of these benefits and grow your business effectively.

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