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Why is Inventory Health important?

28th September 2022 | 2 mins read

Inventory health is the backbone for online selling business. It helps ensure a seamless supply management chain, ensuring customers can place an order and get their shipments on time, every time.

It’s a vital aspect of any online selling business, especially for sellers looking to sell inventory online. Checking stocks and inventory and updating the inventory list on time ensures that a seller can always meet and exceed customer demand.

It also ensures customer satisfaction, healthy cash flow and the possibility of repeated sales. A seller whose business functions with optimal inventory health gets a competitive edge as he/she can deliver products as per customer demand.

How to manage inventory?

Managing inventory efficiently is vital to a successful online business. Hence, most sellers often invest in setting up a good warehouse and hiring personnel to help track and update the inventory and product list frequently.

This also means that additional funds have to be available to restock, set up, maintain and manage the warehouse and staff on a regular basis.

This can be highly stressful for a new seller who is trying to get maximum profit with minimum costs or investment.

That’s where a social commerce platform like Shopsy by Filpkart can make a huge difference.

Your inventory is safe in Flipkart’s warehouses. It also documents and presents crucial information in a simple and easy way that you won’t get in a manual inventory setup. As a result, you don’t need a physical warehouse or a store.

Sellers can check information like what’s out of stock, low stock and the shelf life of a product on the Seller Dashboard under the Inventory tab and the Inventory Health Tab.

Shopsy as a platform allows sellers to extend their reach to a wide network of budget-friendly customers across the country and a ready logistics network to ensure your shipments move seamlessly and are delivered successfully. Shopsy thus ensures that you get the time and access to extra funds that you can reinvest in growing your business.

The Shopsy seller portal is easy to navigate and also helps sellers with relevant information, tips and suggestions, which contribute to a successful business association.

An added advantage is that a seller can do away with the stress of setting up a supplier panel as Shopsy takes care of this with their ready logistics network.

Why should a seller consider signing up with Shopsy?

  • Sellers can sign up using the Shopsy app and Shopsy by Flipkart’s Website. They can easily register with no paperwork and start doing business immediately.
  • Sellers and their customers are ensured hassle-free pick-up and delivery of products through 200+ pick-up hubs and 10,000 delivery agents. As a seller, you also get access to a trusted network of resellers.
  • No brand regulations or trademarks are needed for selling your own brand.
  • Sellers also get access to market trends and pricing insights that they can use to understand the market and grow their sales.

So, if you are looking to grow your business online, make sure to register with Shopsy today. Get your Shopsy Filpkart Seller login, and start doing business the way it was meant to be, minus the stress and without paying any extra commission or additional fees.

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