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Who can use the Shopsy app to sell?

14th February 2022 | 3 mins read

Shopsy by Flipkart is a social commerce platform that is open to all sellers who want to sell their products online in India. As a shopsy seller, one can list on Shopsy and extend their reach to a wide network of budget-friendly customers across the country. The seller app and platform has created a trusted network of distribution between sellers and resellers, giving them a chance to grow and expand their business.

Who can use the Shopsy app to sell?

The Shopsy app by Flipkart is an online shopping platform that connects sellers with millions of customers looking for a good deal. It’s open to all sellers based in India, who are looking to grow their business. To register on Shopsy, a seller needs to have a bank account to complete the bank verification process, which includes providing sample signatures and a copy of a cancelled cheque with the company name printed on it.

Apart from the banking details, the seller also has to upload the GSTIN while trying to create a Shopsy seller account. In addition to this, an address proof is also another document that the seller needs to submit. All Shopsy sellers who have completed this process online then get access to the Shopsy seller dashboard, and can start to sell online on the Shopsy website. To know how list on Shopsy all one needs is a Shopsy seller account.

Why should sellers join Shopsy to grow their business online?

  1. To reach a million customers
    The Shopsy seller portal is open to all sellers based in India, who are looking to reach a pan-India level customer base, and expand from a local set up to a national one. This way they can reach over 200 million customers.
  2. Grow your business with 0% commission
    Shopsy provides the seller a no hassle experience since it does not require any paperwork from the seller side. As a free seller you can focus on creating the best product for the market as Shopsy takes care of shipping and delivery for you. Also, unlike other online marketplaces, on the Shopsy website, you pay 0% commission for all Shopsy exclusive verticals and Flipkart verticals listed in the price range of Rs 151 – 600.
  3. Earn More, Invest Less
    You can save a lot of money and also earn profits while investing less. You do not need to spend on expensive photography as you have the freedom to click a picture of your product and upload it directly on the Shopsy website yourself. Additionally, you also end up saving on set up costs as you don’t have to spend funds on maintaining a warehouse or to install a display that showcases your products. Hence, you have extra funds to reinvest in your business.

Hence, anyone who is looking to grow their selling business online can register with Shopsy seller app and avail of multiple benefits as a seller. It’s a one-stop-solution that offers you all the answers to questions like how to sell my products online and how to grow and expand my online sales and business.

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