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B2B Guide- Popular Verticals for Selling Lifestyle Products on Shopsy

23rd June 2023 | 2 mins read

With the rise of e-commerce, businesses are increasingly turning to online platforms to expand their reach and boost sales. Shopsy, a leading B2B marketplace, offers a thriving ecosystem for sellers in the lifestyle category. This article will explore the potential growth and opportunities in selling lifestyle products on Shopsy. From the average number of daily product sales to the top-selling types, we will provide insights and guidance on successfully selling Lifestyle products online through Shopsy.

The lifestyle category on Shopsy has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. On average, more than 1 lakh products are sold daily, with a substantial number of units sold daily. This reflects the immense potential and demand for lifestyle products on the platform. In the last year alone, the lifestyle category has experienced a growth rate of approximately 50%, indicating an expanding market and opportunities for sellers.

How to sell products on Shopsy?

  • First, sign up for a free account on Shopsy by providing your contact number and email ID. 
  • Once registered, you can list your products on seller.flipkart.com
  • When orders are received, you can efficiently manage and ship them to customers with the help of a well-established logistic network.

Shopsy provides secure payment options, ensuring you receive timely sales payments.

Empowering Well-being with Essential Lifestyle Products
Within the lifestyle category, specific product verticals have demonstrated exceptional sales performance. Shopsy customers. By focusing on these trending products, sellers can tap into a lucrative market and drive their sales on the platform.

  1. Women’s kurtas: The demand for stylish and comfortable women’s kurtas remains consistently high, making them a top-selling product in the lifestyle category on Shopsy.
  2. Men’s shirts: With a wide range of styles and designs, men’s shirts are sought after by customers looking for trendy and professional clothing options, contributing to their popularity on Shopsy.
  3. Women’s tops: Versatile and fashionable, they cater to various preferences and occasions, making them a favourite among shoppers and a top-selling product on Shopsy.
  4. Men’s t-shirts: Men’s t-shirts are a wardrobe staple, offering comfort and style. Their popularity and frequent demand make them one of the top-selling products in the lifestyle category on Shopsy.
  5. Kids’ dresses: Parents are always on the lookout for adorable and well-crafted dresses for their children, which drives the high demand and sales of kids’ dresses on Shopsy.

Selling lifestyle products on Shopsy opens up a world of opportunities for B2B sellers. With a growing customer base and substantial daily product sales, the platform offers immense potential for businesses to expand their reach and boost their revenue. Shopsy provides the platform and tools needed to thrive in the competitive e-commerce market.

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