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Make profits by selling shoes and sarees online

24th February 2023 | 8 mins read

Are you a retailer who is looking to sell products online? Whether you sell shoes or sell sarees online, if you are looking to set up a successful online business, consider registering on a reputed online selling platform like Shopsy. While there are many online selling websites, if you are looking to grow your business, you also need to research the e-commerce market & the top selling products online in your space.

Customers are always looking for good deals on shoes & sarees

Shoes and sarees are the top searches by customers who are always looking for good deals across e-commerce sites. Online selling can be extremely competitive as there are many retailers offering quality footwear, fashion, traditional clothing, and sarees. So, if you are looking to increase your profits with an online business, consider signing up with an online marketplace like Shopsy. They can help you grow your business, advise you on customer acquisition, inventory management, pricing strategy, and supply chain navigation.

Additionally, there’s a lot of scope in terms of the variety of shoes and sarees you can sell online. From footwear for men and women to sneakers, sports shoes, flip-flops, and more. Every state in India has its unique textiles and collection of sarees. From Paithani sarees in Maharashtra, Patola saree in Gujarat, Tant sarees in West Bengal, Banarasi saree in Uttar Pradesh to Kanjeevaram sarees in Tamil Nadu. The sheer variety and range offer a great opportunity for online retailers looking to expand their businesses online.

Best practices to sell shoes and sarees online

Do your market research It will help you understand the competition, your target customer, their requirements, and the top-selling products in that space. It will also help you come up with the best pricing and business strategy.

Identify your target customer Understand his or her requirements and tailor your product to meet those specifications, offering a good quality product at a reasonable price.

Register with a reputed e-commerce site These platforms offer you access to millions of customers waiting to make a purchase online.

Source your products from reputed saree & shoe manufacturers Always connect and work with the best manufacturers of shoes and sarees directly. You can also reach out to good distributors, finding the right manufacturer or distributor is key to having a good quality product at a reasonable rate, without compromising on your profits.

Focus on customer satisfaction Ensure you always deliver a high-quality product with the right specifications in terms of size, colour and pattern, as requested by your customer. This ensures your customer will be satisfied, and is likely to recommend the business or come back for a return purchase.

Is selling sarees or shoes online profitable?

Selling sarees and shoes online can be profitable, especially if you are directly sourcing from local manufacturers and distributors. They can offer you a quality product at a competitive rate. As a result, you can then build your business by selling a high-quality product with good profit margins.

How much profit is there in the saree or shoe business?

This solely depends on your business strategy. Understanding your market and your customer can help you increase profits in your business, especially if your cut down on sourcing costs and only invest in top-selling products.

How to start online saree or shoe business from home?

To start a saree or shoe business from home, consider associating with a reputed e-commerce site that can help you set up your online business with minimum paperwork. Such sites also take care of inventory management and delivery, so that you can solely focus on investing in growing your business.

How can I increase my saree or shoe sales online?

Identify the top-selling products, and ensure you have them in regular supply so that you can meet customer demand and orders. Tracking your inventory, and regularly rotating it to feature the top-selling products at all times, can ensure your increase your sales and profits.
Ultimately, as an online shoe or saree seller, you have a great variety of products to work with. It’s easier to offer your customer a wide range. The key to finding and working with a good local manufacturer or distributor, who can help you increase your profit margins and sales.

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