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How to get more customers on Shopsy during the festive season sale?

12th October 2022 | 5 mins read

The festive season is coming, and the excitement of everything festive is already in the air. Additionally, since sales around this season are predicted to increase even more than last year, now is the time to make adjustments to your sales strategy to ensure your success. Some exciting ways to increase your sales would be promoting products through social media, and indulging in fantastic promotional campaigns!

However, here are some more ways to get more customers on Shopsy during this festive season sale.

  • Stock-up based on past history and data

    If you have been running a business, especially for a couple of years, you would be aware of the shopping patterns and demands of the customers during particular times of the year. Make use of this data to stock up on your products so that your customers will get to explore and choose from a wide variety of options.

  • Plan inventory focusing on efficient inventory management

    Efficient inventory management will go a long way in helping you make good profits. Manage your inventories according to the demand-supply ratio and speed so that you cut wastage. This will also help you meet your customers’ demands and wants efficiently.

  • Speed up order processing

    Nobody likes to wait too many days for their order to reach them. Most even wait eagerly for updates about their order in transit. So, if you’re a business that quickly processes orders, you will have an edge over other businesses. Also, most people may need to do last-minute shopping, and with quick order processing, you can help them ease their burden.

  • Invest in attractive packaging

    Attractive packaging gives you a customer base like no other. Most people are overjoyed to receive their orders packed like gifts in beautiful wrappers. Investing in good, attractive packaging will draw higher sales and thus create a larger and lasting customer base.

  • Sign up with an ecommerce site like Shopsy that takes care of delivery for you

    One of the most successful and top e-commerce sites is Shopsy. Signing up with an ecommerce site like Shopsy will make your customer’s shopping and delivery experience a smooth one! Since Shopsy has a larger seller network, it assists small and medium-sized business owners in remote areas in expanding their businesses online. You also get access to a ready logistics network to help you with deliveries.

  • Establish a good returns management process

    Getting good returns is an important part of every business. But managing those returns is an equally important task. When you set up a good returns management process for your business, you can keep a check on the investment, expenditure, and profits you make from your sales. This way, you can handle your business more efficiently and develop better sales strategies.

  • Listen and respond professionally to customer feedback

    One of the most important skills to have as a business would be people management and customer relations. Listening and responding professionally to your customers’ feedback, and resolving their queries will make them feel heard and establish their trust in your brand. Also, taking their honest feedback positively will help you become better as a business and eventually grow more!

Adopting new sales methods is one approach to increase your revenue this season and attract more customers. Because of the increasing number of consumers using social media to research brands and products, Meta Technologies, such as Facebook and Instagram, can help you gauge the customer sentiment. By associating with a trusted ecommerce site like Shopsy, you can be assured that you have taken the right step towards generating good sales!

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