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How Shopsy Helped My Family Business to Become an Online Brand?

9th January 2023 | 3 mins read

My name is Srikant Gupta, and my family has been in the business of selling ethnic women’s clothing for many years. We were doing extremely well until the Covid-19 pandemic drastically hit our business. Our sales and profit margins dropped drastically during this time. As our customers could not visit our store, I decided to sign up with Shopsy so that I could reach my existing customers and bring in new clientele. Registering with Shopsy, gave me access to a wide network of customers, and I was also able to grow my business online. Additionally, Shopsy also takes care of shipping and handling products for you, which is great for small businesses that are still learning how to sell online. Here are a few tips I would like to share with sellers who are considering selling online via Shopsy.

How do I grow my business as a Seller on Shopsy?

  • Take good pictures that can attract buyers to a product
    Click quality pictures that will attract a buyer. Online selling platforms like Shopsy make this a seamless process for sellers by offering relaxed image guidelines. So, no expensive photoshoots are required. A seller can take photos of their products from their phone and upload them on Shopsy. Also, as Shopsy by Flipkart has no complicated product photography requirements, it makes things easier for a seller. Preferably take pictures with a white background so that your product remains in focus. This is also applicable if you are wondering how to take clothing pictures for Shopsy.
  • Run Product Listing ADs
    Run Ads for your top-performing products to boost your sales. Apart from helping you sell your slow moving products, These Ads can also help you increase your visibility, and can also widen your customer base thereby allowing you to make more profits.
  • To get maximum sales list maximum products
    The more products you list, the more sales you can get as the competition in the e-commerce space is high and customers are looking for a variety of products. Also, you can opt into offers sent to you over your registered email id and provide attractive discounts.
  • Always follow good practices as a seller
    Build your reputation by offering quality products to your customers so that they will come back and make another purchase. Using attractive packaging and sending the right product to your customers will ensure they are happy and satisfied. It will also improve your seller metrics.
  • Who is the target audience for Sellers on Shopsy by Flipkart?
    Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and hyper value customers are the main target audience for sellers on Shopsy. It’s a great platform for sellers looking to expand their business as it gives access to a wider network of customers. Hence, if you are looking to grow your business online in 2023, you should consider registering with Shopsy to achieve your business goals.
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