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Easy guidelines for product photography for Sellers on Shopsy?

23rd January 2023 | 7 mins read

As a Seller, having attractive photographs is essential for attracting customers and increasing sales and profits. Shopsy by Flipkart makes this a relatively easy process for business owners by helping them showcase their products effectively. For more information on product photography, refer to the below guide.

How can I start product photography in India?
This is a key question that business owners grapple with. Many end up spending a lot on professional shoots and photographers to ensure that they have the best photographs to showcase their products. While approaching a professional photographer is one option, the other is to learn a few easy tricks, using your mobile phone to capture your product in the best angle.

In order to list on sites like Shopsy all you need is a mobile phone as Shopsy offers sellers relaxed image guidelines to help them shoot pictures with ease. Always ensure your product is in focus. And you upload the correct pictures as per your products description so that they easily show up when a customer searches for them.

How do you take good pictures of products to sell?
Choosing a good background with sufficient lighting and keeping the product in focus is one way to ensure you get good-quality images of the products you intend to sell. Investing in a quality camera & lighting equipment can also ensure that you get good-quality pictures every time. Avoid a background or location that will distract from the product in focus.

What do I need for basic product photography?
Basic product photography does not involve expensive shoots or equipment. All one needs is a smartphone with a good camera. Additionally, make a note of the following points to ensure you get the best angle, shot, and image every time.

Image best practices
Make sure your product is always in focus and is clicked in a setting with sufficient light. Also, choose a good background so that the product is always in the focus.

Tabletop images are a good option
A tabletop image is generally shot from above on a plain background and is widely used on
e-commerce platforms. The technique is also used to shoot home décor items, jewellery, and accessories. It allows for a clear and detailed view of the product, highlighting its colour, features, and design.

All angles must be covered
Shooting the product from different angles gives a clearer perspective to the customer. It also gives you the option to use the best angle that makes your product look most attractive.

Make sure there is adequate light
It is important that all product shots are taken with sufficient lighting. Blurry and dark images should be avoided as it does not make a good impression overall.

Resolution above 720P is preferred (not mandatory)
A higher-resolution image is always preferred as it can be enlarged or cropped without losing too much detail or clarity. Additionally, these images make a good impression on prospective customers as it makes the product look more attractive by showcasing every detail with absolute clarity.

Product photography setup at home
You can easily create a product photography setup at home with less expensive equipment. All you need is a good location or background, a digital camera or smartphone camera, a tripod stand to keep the phone or camera steady, and a couple of lamps or a lightbox for sufficient lighting. After you have taken the images, you can use image editing software to adjust the light, colour, and composition. If you are keen to use this setup for e-commerce product photography, consider investing in reflectors, diffusers, etc.

Product photography ideas
You can also surf the internet for inspiration on how to showcase a product and for a range of product photography ideas to reference before your final shoot. It’s not always necessary to spend on expensive product photography equipment. You can easily learn how to take product photos with your phone. All you need is good lighting, a good location, and a clean background that emphasizes and focuses on your product. Product photography services are offered by professional photographers; however, this can be an expensive investment for sellers who are starting out and need the extra funds for their inventory and to grow their business.

So, sellers who are looking for a cost-effective way of promoting their products should consider Shopsy, which offers relaxed image guidelines, ensuring you do not end up spending a lot on expensive shoots and equipment. Just a smartphone with a good-quality camera is sufficient to capture and showcase all your products.

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